Saint Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church of Chicago,

Celebrating 94 Years of Excellence in Ministry





Δ Η Μ Η Τ Ρ Ι Α - 2021






A Heartfelt Message of Overwhelming Gratitude GreekToberFest – Parish Festival 2021

We are thankful to God and to all of you for your continued support during these trying times. On behalf of ΠαπΑνδρέας,
Nicolette Coorlas Farrell – Parish Council President; Arestedis Laftsidis & John Laftsidis-Festival Chairs, and the Parish Council,
we thank our Stewards, Friends and Family, Donors, Volunteers, Employees, Purveyors and of course, our Guests,
for assisting us this year, and in countless years past.

We look forward to synergistically laboring together with you soon in this common goal and purpose, for the benefit of St. Demetrios Church.

See You at Lincoln Square Greek Fest- 2022!!!



Metropolis Of Chicago - 2020 Annual Impact Report



The Metropolis is proud to present to you the-ever Annual Impact Report, which reports on key actions and developments taken in 2020.  This Report summarizes the financial performance of the Metropolis, provides a summary of the 10-year audit of sacramental registry data, reports on the current & newly created ministries, discusses the community outreach of the Metropolis and its parishes during 2020.  Please click the image above to read/download copy of this report.



Please click on the image above to visit our special page that we recently created, where you can:

-submit names for prayer

-request candles to be lit for you

-make a donation, submit stewardship pledges and/or make an offering 

We wish you & your families strength, and thank you for your support as we navigate together through this difficult time.









This Week at St. Demetrios

(our office hours are Mon, Tue, Wed & Fri 10:30m to 4:00pm, closed Thur)

Monday OCT18 - High School Basketball 6p-8p
Tuesday OCT19 - +DEMETRA Great Vespers 7p, Girls Basketball 630p-830p
Wednesday OCT20 - +GERASIMOS OF CEPHALONIA & ARTEMIOS OF ANTIOCH Orthros 8am, Divine Liturgy 9am, Seventh/Eighth Grade Boys Basketball 630p-830p
Thursday  OCT21- +DEMETRA Sacrament of Holy Unction 530p, Solon Greek School 430p-630p, 5th/6th Grade Basketball 630p-830p, JR & SR Goya 7p-9p BWW Old Orchard
Friday OCT22- 
Saturday OCT23- Solon Greek School 9am-1pm, Biddy Basketball 1:15-2:15pm, 3rd & 4th Grade Basketball 2:15-3:15pm, +DEMETRA Great Vespers & Paraklesis 530p, Exclusive Film Viewing 715pm
Sunday OCT24 +SIXTH SUNDAY OF LUKE, Orthros 8:15am, Divine Liturgy 9:30am, use YOUTUBE link below.
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