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The Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago today released its 2023 Annual Impact Report entitled “Embracing Our Christ-Centered Vision.” 

First released in 2021, the Annual Impact Report’s original purpose is to share the data, information, and trends related to the sacramental, ministerial, and financial health of the Metropolis of Chicago and its parishes. 

“The current vitality of the Metropolis of Chicago, as expressed in our Annual Impact Report, flows from many sources but, above all, it comes from our clergy and laity centering Christ in their lives every day. It is my deep-seated belief that our Holy Metropolis and its parishes will thrive beyond estimation the more we practice a Christ-centered way of life at home, in our churches, and in our communities,” said His Eminence Metropolitan Nathanael, “As I look back at what we were able to accomplish last year, I take it as an unmistakable sign of hope that, because we choose to continue doing Christ’s work, our parishes will grow, our communities will be vibrant, and our Church will flourish as a result.” 

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This Week at St. Demetrios

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Monday MAY13-  Solon Greek School (SGS) 430p-630p, JR Olympics Soccer Practice 645p-745p
Tuesday MAY14 Solon Adult School 530p-730p, JR Olympics Volleyball Practice 630p-830p
Wednesday MAY15 - JR Olympics Major Basketball Practice 7p-930p
Thursday  MAY16 -  Solon Greek School (SGS) 430p-630p, Festival Meeting 7p
Friday MAY17 -   Pan-Laconian Brotherhood Meeting 6p-8p
Saturday MAY18- Solon Greek School Year End Program & Graduation 11a, JR Olympics Minor Basketball Practice 1p-3p 


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