Like any new year, 2021 offers new hopes and intentions, and we all welcome this new chapter on our parish's life.  But who will write it?  WE WILL!  Please share your time, talents & treasurers with with us NOW!  This stewardship - these gifts both small and large - are needed so that our ministries can continue - so that YOUR chapter is written!  Let us know how you can give - both monetarily and through your time and talents.  Teach, volunteer to usher, join a fundraising committee, share your skills to help improve the church grounds.  We know that some families are experiencing hardship; there are many ways to contribute and we need them all.

with COVID safety protocols in mind, our doors are OPEN!  So please take a moment to make a renewed resolution to our parish.  Become a steward and resolve to do something greater now.  NOW, so that we can all do what we can together for today and tomorrow.  Help us write the next chapter.


Download & Print this year's Stewardship form from the link below:

2021 Stewardship Form Link

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