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Please click on the image above to visit our special page that we recently created, where you can:

-submit names for prayer

-request candles to be lit for you

-make a donation, submit stewardship pledges and/or make an offering 

We wish you & your families strength, and thank you for your support as we navigate together through this difficult time.


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June 20, 2020 Letter:

Click HERE for "Welcome Back To Church Letter - UPDATED


Dear Parishioners and Friends,


Now that we have reached the capacity of 50 people for church services, we will be using a slightly simpler and easier method of signing up for church.

You still are welcome to call the church office (MWF 11am-1pm) if you prefer to sign up by phone. Our secretaries have limited hours, but they will make every effort to respond to you as quickly as they can. If no one answers, please leave a message.

To sign up online, please click on the link below, which is very easy to use:

Simply click "sign up" on the date you want. Then, after you click the “submit" button, be sure to give the names of all people in your party under “comments” and select the number (“quantity”). Once the date reaches capacity, it will be displayed as “slots full."

Please be aware that on-line signups will not be available the day before the service; the list will be closed for administrative purposes.

All the same guidelines and precautions apply per our previous communications. They are reiterated on the sign-up page as well.

Since space is still limited, we ask you not to sign up for multiple Sundays in a row right away; we want to make sure everyone has a chance to sign up who wants to.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

In Christ,

Father Apostolos and Father Panayiotis




Regularly, if not daily, Father Panayiotis and I will be posting updates, Bible Readings, Church Father quotes and reflections through our Listserve and Facebook. Paraklisis (Supplication) Services (for the health and well-being) and Trisagion Services (for those fallen asleep) will be offered during the week. If you would like for me, or Father Panayiotis, to light a candle or a seven-day vigil lamp, please click on the following link and follow the prompts. Your gift helps our endeavors in keeping with the spirit of giving to Christ and His Church. Please be sure to add the names of both the living and the departed to be included in our Services (names will be held for a week).


The ”Light of Christ Illumines All” Initiative, will also afford you the opportunity to complete your monthly Stewardship obligations and/or offer a donation. Again, click on the link above and follow the prompts. While the Church Office is closed, please note that all mail is currently picked up and processed.


Let us remain steadfast and strong in our faith and trust in the Lord. God remains in control! The actions being taken by our Government, Health Care Officials, by His Eminence and our Church are for our safety and precautionary in the face of the physical challenges of a fallen world.


Blessings to all & Thank You!

-Father Apostolos


The Saint Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church has a rich and productive tradition in the Eastern Orthodox Christian Faith.














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